Refrigerator Pickles

My No Cook Refrigerator Pickles are the perfect pickles to try out if you haven’t made homemade pickles before. The preparation time is minimal, there’s no need to heat anything in a pot.

Vinegar  Sugar . Kosher Salt  Black Pepper  Cucumbers  Onion


Add hot water, vinegar, sugar, and kosher salt into a heat-proof jar and cover and shake to combine until the sugar and salt are dissolved.

Step 1

Add thinly sliced cucumbers and sweet onion to the jar, pushing the cucumbers and onions down into the liquid.

Step 2

Make sure all the vegetables are covered with liquid.

Step 3

Cover and store in the fridge for at least 8 hours before serving.

Step 4

To serve, remove pickles and onions with a fork or slotted spoon from the brine.

Step 5