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Oven Baked Rice (How to Cook Rice in the Oven)

An all-around delicious and easy recipe for oven-baked rice. Not only is oven-baked rice taste great freshly baked, but this recipe can also be made ahead of time for tomorrow night’s fried rice. Making perfect and fluffy rice shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. And if you’ve struggled with cooking rice, then you need this oven-baked …

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How to Cut Cabbage

Learning how to cut cabbage will give you endless recipe options in the kitchen. From simple summer side dishes to elegant braised veggies, with cabbage, the possibilities are endless! Cabbage is such a versatile vegetable. Of course, there’s coleslaw, an essential dish for every backyard BBQ. But cabbage can also be sauteed, grilled, braised, and …

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