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Air Fryer Recipes

Air Fryer Recipes

My love for the air fryer has caused me to create all kinds of delicious recipes in it. I’ve bought many air fryers over the years and have developed many popular air fryer recipes that have been made and shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Find all your favorite air fryer recipes right here. From Air Fryer Chicken, Air Fryer Wings, Air Fryer Steak, Air Fryer Pork Chops, Air Fryer Chickpeas, Air Fryer Meatloaf, Air Fryer Fish and much more.

Air Fryer Plantains (Fried Sweet Ripe Plantains)

Cooking the most delicious plantains has never been easier than in the air fryer! Quick and easy to cook and prep, they make for one tasty appetizer or serve up as a side with your favorite Caribbean dishes. Fried plantains have got to be one of my favorite sides, but I don’t cook them that …

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