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What’s Cooking: Leila’s Grapefruit Adventure

Hello to all my Citrus Lovers! Many people have laughed at my experimentation with Grapefruit. Luckily, I am not the only one who likes to get creative with their citrus fruit. Leila has been nice enough to share her experience with the wonderful grapefruit. Read about her experience below.

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How to Make a Fruity Martini at Home

*This post contains affiliate links and is intended for ages 21 and up. Learn how to make a fruity martini at home. Watch the video for more details, recipe below. You must try this Fruity Martini with fresh Strawberries. At less than $2.50 per serving, this martini is not only delicious, it’s budget friendly. We decided …

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Yummly Publisher

Hi fellow food lovers. I wanted to do a post to officially let you all know that my recipes can be published on Yummly! What exactly is Yummly you may ask? I would describe it as a recipe collection site where you can find all the recipe on the inter webs. You can save, organize, …

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