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Beet Carrot Apple Juice

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This Beet Apple Carrot Juice is one of my favorite juice recipes. Yes, raw beets can be delicious!

beet juice in a glass


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The first time I had beets, which wasn’t that long ago, I thought they were the grossest thing on the planet. Seriously, I wondered why anyone would even consider eating them. Granted, the beets I tried were pickled and I ate them by themselves. So for a while, I left the beets alone.

Then one day, I was reading…as I tend to do often because I’m a smarty pants, and discovered that beets have a ton of health benefits. Like a freaking ton. And since I’m on this whole healthy kick in my life (except for the fact that I’ve been test baking macarons every night), I decided I was going to have to find a way to get beets in my belly, other than pickled of course. Hence the creation of this Beets Apple Carrot Juice recipe.

ingredients for beet juice on white counter

I played around with a lot of different ingredients when it came to creating beet juice. The first time I had way too many things added and decided to keep it simple with what was in my kitchen at the time, which happened to be beets, carrots, and Honeycrisp apples. Once I mixed these together, I was surprised by how delicious it was and it became my go-to breakfast drink.

Side Effects of Beet Juice

Now of course, there were a few…umm, complications when it came to drinking this beet juice. First, this beet apple carrot juice causes a little stomach discomfort initially. Oh heck, I’ll call it what it is…It causes gas. My hubby seriously threatened to leave and I provided so much laughter to my daughter when I started drinking this juice. Now I can’t be sure if this was caused totally by the beet juice or the fact that I started eating fruits and vegetables like crazy. If your body isn’t used to tons of healthy food, it may react like that initially. I no longer have this problem if anyone was wondering.

Also, be prepared for your…umm…bodily waste to turn red. Don’t freak out., it’s normal and won’t last that long. Again, your body has to get used to all the beet love. Other than those weird occurrences, beets are great!!!

beet juice being poured into glass from juicer

Health Benefits of Beet Carrot Apple Juice

So what about those health benefits of this beet apple carrot juice you may ask? Here’s a nice list for ya

  1. Beet juice lowers blood pressure and is good for overall heart health. According to Web MD, beet juice can lower blood pressure immediately after consumption.
  2. Beets are known to decrease the risk of spinal defects and brain delay in the fetus for pregnant women.
  3. Carrots are known to help with heart health as well as vision. I talk a little more about carrots here in my Jamaican Style Carrot Juice. Not as healthy but oh so good.
  4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ok, not really true but apples have a ton of health benefits as well.
  5. This juice is not recommended for anyone that suffers from kidney stones as beets and other oxalate-rich food should be eaten with caution.

Can I make Beet Carrot Apple Juice in a Juicer or Blender…That is the Question??

Both work wonderfully…however, if you decide to blend…I’d use a high quality blender and strain the juice afterwards.

Well, I hope you like this beets carrot apple juice recipe as much as I do. I’ll be sure to continue to include more healthy (and non healthy…I love my sweets man) recipes in the coming weeks. Until next time…

Looking for more beet recipes? Try these beet chips or these sautéed beet greens.

This 3 Ingredient Beet Apple Carrot Juice Recipe is a delicious and healthy drink. Beets have a ton of health benefits and this is a great way to get it in your diet. Vegan friendly juice.
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Beet Apple Carrot Juice

This 3 Ingredient Beet Apple Carrot Juice Recipe is a delicious and healthy drink. Beets have a ton of health benefits and this is a great way to get it in your diet.  
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword beet carrot apple juice
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 170.5kcal
Author Tanya


  • 2 medium beet roots peeled
  • 2 medium carrots stems removed
  • 2 large honey crisp apples seeds removed


  • Add ingredients to a juicer. Stir and enjoy. 


Calories: 170.5kcal
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Notes on Beet Carrot Apple Juice

  • Please use Honey Crisp or a similar juicy sweet apple. This is what gives the juice a sweet delicious taste.
  • This juice can be made with a juicer or a blender. If you’re making with a blender, add a tiny bit of fruit juice or water and blend. Pour through a strainer and enjoy.
  • If your juicer is old school like mine and you have a thick consistency on top, either run through a strainer or stir juice before drinking.
  • Beets stain…so be careful when peeling because your hands will turn red, would hate to get that on your clothes.

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Friday 10th of August 2018

This blend of flavor sounds and looks delicious! I've never really dealt with beets on my own (except once), but I do enjoy a good beet/ginger juice whenever I purchase a drink at my local juice store. Yum!


Saturday 11th of August 2018

Thank you :)


Friday 10th of August 2018

Looks delicious!


Saturday 11th of August 2018

Thank you :)

Marwin Brown

Friday 10th of August 2018

Beets need more love. The juice looks as refreshing as it is healthy


Thursday 9th of August 2018

Tanya, girl you are killing the juice game right now. My mom is on one of those juice/detox cleanse but she HATES beets. This sounds so delicious I'm going to try and convince her to at least give this juice recipe a try.

Immaculate Ruému

Thursday 9th of August 2018

I feel so refreshed just looking at this! Will be perfect for a summer cleanse :)