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15 Turkey Recipes for this Holiday Season

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Finding a recipe for your holiday turkey can be a daunting task. Are you roasting? Frying? Air Frying? Smoking? While there isn’t a wrong way to prepare your bird this holiday, I’ve compiled a list of the best Turkey recipes I know for you and your family to enjoy!

You don’t have to be preparing a huge bird either, prepare a tasty turkey tenderloin meal for you and your spouse. Have a house full of crispy skin lovers? Try a spatchcocked turkey, every bit of skin gets golden and crispy while the meat is still tender and juicy.

I hope you find the perfect recipe for your holiday meals this year. If you tried one of these recipes I would love to hear how it turned out and what your guests thought. Share your story in the comments below!

15 Turkey Recipes for this Holiday Season

Enjoy preparing your holiday turkey dinner stress-free with these wonderfully flavorful, tender, and juicy turkey recipes.

How do I keep my turkey moist?

In whichever fashion you make your turkey this Thanksgiving, keeping it moist is probably the number one concern. Here are a few key ways to keep your turkey moist.
Covering the turkey. Covering the turkey breast with foil while baking will help the turkey retain that moisture during the roasting process.
Brining your turkey. While not necessary, it can be beneficial to soak your turkey in a brine for 2-24 hours.
Resting your turkey. It’s no surprise that your guests will be itching to get their favorite part of your turkey, being patient and allowing those juices to re-distribute throughout the turkey after roasting is really important. Cut it too early, and they’ll leak out onto the pan.

What to put in a turkey to add flavor?

If traditional stuffing isn’t your go-to, here are a few suggestions to help flavor your turkey from the inside out.

The options are truly endless. My suggestion would be to season the inside cavity of your turkey with salt and pepper at least, then find a combination of fruits and vegetables to provide flavor and moisture at the same time.

Popular options to add moisture to your turkey would include quartered onions, apples, lemons, and oranges. To add additional flavor you could add a bundle of fresh herbs and aromatics, garlic cloves, leeks, or even dried fruits.

How do you cook a turkey without it drying out?

Scared that your turkey is going to dry out? You’re not alone, I’m sure. Here are a couple of tips to help keep your bird from drying out.
Use a meat thermometer: While it may look beautiful and golden on the outside, it may be overdone on the inside. The best way to keep track of the inside of your turkey is to use a meat thermometer.
Baste your turkey: Don’t let those beautiful juices at the bottom of your pan go to waste while roasting. Pour them back over your turkey throughout the roasting process to keep the meat and skin moist.

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