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These fish recipes are simple yet delicious. Most are ready in less than 20 minutes. Seasoned and cooked to perfection, each dish will impress your, your friends, and your family.

From an easy and quick oven-baked fish recipe to our whole roasted fish. And for a cozy warm dish, try our fish soup.

Please grab your Air Fryer and make this Crispy Air Fryer Fish as soon as you can. Covered in a crispy, delicious crust, you can have guilt-free fried fish as often as you like. Summer fish fries are my favorite outings to attend. I’m talking about catfish, whiting, perch, and yummy! I had those days …

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Every dish deserves a little love and attention, and this salmon marinade is no exception. Elevate your next dinner with a touch of sweetness, a hint of tang, and a burst of umami. Soy sauce and salmon go hand in hand, such a beautiful combination. The saltiness of the soy pairs so well with the …

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For a quick and easy dinner try these tasty Air Fryer Salmon Bites. The salmon is diced then coated in olive oil and salmon seasoning, before being cooked to perfection in the air fryer. A delicious family dinner that can be prepared and cooked in minutes.

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My Jamaican Jerk Fish is something I enjoy cooking when the shining and I have the grill on. One of the best fish to jerk is snapper, as it is a large, meaty fish that takes on flavor and grills well on the BBQ. I marinate the whole snapper in my homemade Jamaican jerk marinade for at least four hours for maximum flavor.

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Keep things simple with my Whole Roasted Fish recipe. Whole fish, seasoned with fish seasoning, and stuffed with slices of fresh lemon, garlic and a few sprigs of thyme, before being placed into a searingly hot oven to roast. The result, beautifully cooked fish with a delicious crispy skin.

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Cook up some delicious crispy fish tacos quickly and easily in your air fryer. Whitefish is dredged in cornmeal and seasonings and air fried until perfectly crispy. There’s no need to wait til taco Tuesday, these delicious crispy fish tacos are perfect for any day of the week! Mexican is one of our favorite cuisines, …

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If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Jamaican dish, look no further than these saltfish fritters. These golden fried fritters are savory and full of delicious Caribbean flavor. These saltfish fritters, also known as codfish fritters, are one of my favorite Caribbean snacks. I was able to get my mom to actually write down …

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