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10 Air Fryer Accessories that are Worth Your Money

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Air Fryers are amazing kithcen devices and there is so much you can do with them. I bet you’re wondering which accessories for your Air Fryer are worth it and which ones aren’t really useful. I’ve got you covered with this list of Air Fryer Accesories that are worth your money. 

various air fryer accessories (accessory kit with pans, grilling tray, thermometer, paper liners, and spray bottles). Text says air fryer accessories that are worth your money.

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2. A Spray Bottle for Oil – I love love love my spray bottle. I bought this bright blue spray bottle a while ago and it works wonders, although it’s been hard to find lately. However, the Evo brand spray bottles work just as well. Most commercial sprays aren’t good for your Air Fryer. Overtime, these can fade the protective coating on most Air Fryer baskets. I recommend investing in a good quality spray bottle for spritzing your food. Great thing is, you can use the spray bottle for other kitchen cooking. I use it for spritzing my regular pans when I am cooking on the stove.


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3. Air Fryer Liners– I love these parchment liners. Some foods, especially those with a flour or breadcrumb coating, are known to stick to the bottom of the Air Fryer. I’ve never had that problem when using these liners and they make clean up so much easier.  The liners are also good for when you are cooking items that could stick or slide through the racks while baking, like cookies. Just remember to put the food on the liners before you turn on the Air Fryer. If not, your liner will fly around and possibly get caught in the heating element and burn. 



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4. Calibrated Instant Read Thermometer– This goes without saying, you’ll aways want to cook your foods, especially meats, to the right temperature. Investing in a good quality quick read thermometer is key to cooking perfect foods in the Air Fryer. The best quick read thermoeter on the market is the Thermapen 4k hands down. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is an investment that is worth every penny. The thermometer can read a temperature in less than 2 seconds flat.

I’m able to get my Air Fryer Steaks perfect by checking the temperature with my Thermapen 4k quick read thermometer.

purple thermometer

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5. Grill Tray Attachment – Some Air Fryers brands come with a grill tray attachment (Phillips and GoWise have one). Rather than placing the whole basket in the Air Fryer, you can place food on the grill attachment.  Admittedly, I first thought this was useless…but it’s the best thing ever when cooking steaks, burgers, and fish. It’s also easier to clean than the basket and makes food flipping easier. Check out my Air Fryer Steak Kebab or Air Fryer Meatloaf recipes to see it in action.

If buying, make sure you are purchasing the right grill tray that matches your Air Fryer brand. 

grill tray for air fryer
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6. Heat Resistant Tongs – Most food cooked in the Air Fryer will need to be flipped halfway through. Having a set of quality tongs is helpful. I like to use plastic ones that are heat resistant to avoid scratching the surface of my Air Fryer basket. 

3 tongs with blue silicone brush

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7. Pie Weight Chain – Since the Air Fryer has a strong fan that circulates air within the device, some smaller lightweight items are known to fly around. A great suggestion given to me by one of my readers is to invest in pie chain to hold the smaller items down in the Air Fryer. It’s pretty genuis. You can see that tip and other helpful ones on this 10 Air Fryer Tips Post

pie weight chain in orginal packaging
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8. A Good Air Fryer Cookbook –I love having a good quality cookbook that I can use with my appliances. Here’s two cookbooks that I think are great for new owners to have, Air Fry Everything by The Blue Jean Chef  and The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook: Crave-Worthy Recipes for Healthier Fried Favorites by Brandi Crawford. Both books have a ton of great recipes for trying with your Air Fryer. 

air fryer everything cookbook

the super easy air fryer cookbook 

9. Platinum 4x More Dawn Dish Soap – If you’re like me and cook a lot of meats in your Air Fryer, the grease can be a nightmare to get off. I like to soak mine in this strong Dawn to get the grease to come right off. 

dawn dish soap

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10. An Air Fryer Cooking Chart – A handy reference chart is helpful when figuring out cooktimes. This is great for when deciding how long to cook certain meats and vegetables in your Air Fryer. The fact that it’s magnetic is another plus. 

air fryer cooking chart 

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There you have it, 10 Air Fryer Accessories that are worth your Money. What are some Accessories for your Air Fryer that you love? 

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Tuesday 29th of June 2021

what do you put in your spray bottle to spray food thank you


Thursday 1st of July 2021

@Tanya, thanks


Wednesday 30th of June 2021

Any oil with a high smoke point that I have on hand. I usually use avocado, canola, or a light-tasting olive oil.

David W Booth

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Shrimp,& Fish with Fries for supper tonight after reading you recipes.

judy smith

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

I have a round air fryer with a basket and I like to cook meat with a sauce and it drips in the pan that holds the basket, is there anything I can use in the pan to catch the drips. Clean up is a mess sometimes.


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

Hi Judy, I've heard of people lining that bottom pan with foil to catch the drips. I have not tried it myself but it sounds like a great idea.


Wednesday 25th of November 2020

Having just begun to research the purchase and use of an air fryer, I believe Tanya's site will prove invaluable to me with its plethora of information.

Patty Chinn

Sunday 8th of November 2020

My neighbor's fryer came with a little short basket, mine came with a basket on the rotisserie rod. I like to have the basket that just sets on a shelf.