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Appetizers are always the life of the party. Check out my delicious appetizer recipes from Party Meatballs, Roasted Cauliflower Dip, Honey Mustard Chicken Wings, and Chicken Patties with Garlic Aioli.


cornbread with slice cut from it and butter on top

Classic Southern Cornbread Recipe

This Classic Southern Cornbread has a beautiful golden crust with the perfect crumb on the inside. This savory cornbread recipe is the perfect side for your favorite meal.  There’s a whole long history and debate when it comes to cornbread in the South. The biggest debate is whether or not sugar belongs in Southern cornbread. …

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cocktail sauce in bowl with shrimp in background

Cocktail Sauce

This easy to make homemade cocktail sauce is a delicious accompaniment to fried shrimp. Ready to serve in less than 5 minutes, it’s full of flavor and a great classic recipe to have in your arsenal! This classic cocktail sauce recipe is wonderfully tangy dip that takes just minutes to make with a few simple …

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fried shrimp on a plate

Air Fryer Crispy Fried Shrimp

Making perfectly crispy fried shrimp in the air fryer is so easy and the results are delicious! Ready to serve in 20 minutes, they are easy to prep and made with a few simple ingredients. I’m so excited to bring you this new air fryer recipe! The shrimp come out so perfectly cooked and juicy …

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Baba Ghanoush

This Baba Ghanoush is a delicious creamy eggplant dip. Roast the eggplants in the oven or the air fryer for a simple and delicious dip that is so easy to make. Baba ghanoush is one of my favorite dips, and homemade is way better than anything you will buy in store! Full of flavor, it’s …

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Easy Queso Dip Recipe

This Easy Queso Dip is such a great appetizer to serve with chips or use it to top tacos and all your favorite Mexican foods. Ready to serve it less than 10 minutes, it can also be made ahead of time. Is there anything better than a gooey hot cheese dip? I don’t think so! …

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Air fryer egg rolls next to a dipping sauce

Air Fryer Egg Rolls

These Air Fryer Egg Rolls are made with shrimp and pork and come together quickly and easily. Cooked in the air fryer, it’s so easy to make crispy spring rolls without the need for lots of oil. You will love these Chinese appetizers! Time to skip the takeout and make these delicious appetizers quickly and …

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